Bridge's First RI Intercollegiate Tech Symposium Resounding Success

Bridge First Spring Tech Symposium

East Greenwich, R.I., May 30, 2012 – Bridge Technical Solutions hosted a Spring Tech Symposium open to the RI higher education tech community on the evening of Tuesday, May 8th at the School of Technology, Johnson & Wales University Providence.   This event featured two IT professional speakers, one a front end developer and one a back end developer, both employees of Precision Design Studios, an RI-based technology company with headquarters in Smithfield.

This event was open to all Rhode Island colleges’ and universities’ tech students and faculty.   The turnout was great, and Bridge was happy to receive the RSVPs of students and faculty from five leading Rhode Island institutions: University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island College, New England Institute of Technology, Bryant University, and Johnson & Wales University.

The event took place in the form of a back-and-forth discussion between these two developers, moderated by Bridge partner Joe Devine.  A Q&A session with the audience and speakers followed the presentation.  Attendees of this double-feature event heard about what it’s really like to work in each of these technical capacities and what it takes for these roles to work as team, as they are often closely-knit in the world of web development.   The two developers talked about the challenges of working together but separately on technology projects.   They stressed that communication tools like Skype and instant messaging platforms are critical to keeping everyone on the same page.

Attendees also came away with a sense of how rewarding these careers can be.   Front end developer Paul Barry noted, “It makes a big difference if you like getting up in the morning.   It really does,” while back end developer Jaime Medina explained that he usually puts in a 60 hour work week, though “happily so.”   He went on to explain that “if you like what you do, if there’s a lot of room for creativity, then you don’t mind putting the hours in. You get up early. You go home at night and think about [your work]. You like what you do, so you invest the time, and you see great rewards.”

Bridge's intercollegiate event was a fun and informative way for technical students and faculty to wrap up the spring 2012 semester.  Bridge looks forward to bringing together members of Rhode Island’s higher education tech community for similar events in the future with the goals of keeping tech top-of-mind, promoting the availability of technology resources and discussion in the state, and improving the culture around how students, parents and the community perceive degrees and careers in technology.

Joe Devine asserts, “We need to shine a light on the openings for potential students in our local schools’ technical degree programs that are going unfilled. These institutions are graduating qualified students who are walking into high-paying and rewarding technology jobs.  It’s amazing that more high school students aren’t applying to these programs.”  First in a series of these intercollegiate events, Bridge's Spring Tech Symposium was a promising inauguration.  Bridge encourages everyone to come out for the next event, and in the meantime, stay passionate about technology!

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About Bridge Technical Solutions: Bridge Technical Solutions is a full service Information Technology staffing firm located in East Greenwich, RI. The team at Bridge is focused on providing the best opportunities for IT professionals and most qualified resources for their clients.

About Precision Design Studios: Precision Design Studios is a leading systems integrator of e-commerce solutions for retailers and manufacturers specializing on the Demandware platform.   With a focus on their clients and their clients’ goals, Precision Design Studios brings a harmonious blend of strategy and technology to create exceptional online shopping experiences.


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