Why Bridge?

 Trust.  At Bridge, we're candid.  We tell it like it is.  When we have an opportunity for you, we paint the whole picture.  We earn your trust by being straightforward about our opportunities and by helping you consider every opportunity from all angles.

 We provide excellent and unique customer service.  By emphasizing Communication, Confidentiality and Career Relationships as critical components of our candidate experience, we can enhance your control over and confidence in your career search and development.

 Our focus is Information Technology.  Our IT candidates get our full attention because they are our only candidates, and you can expect that every opportunity we have available at any given time is an IT position.

 We obtain fair, competitive compensation for every IT professional we place, and we make voluntary benefits available to our consultants at Bridge group rates so that our candidates can feel secure pursuing both contract and direct hire opportunities.

Through our candid approach and relationship-driven business practices, Bridge has been working with IT professionals for over ten years to match them with career opportunities in which they’ll grow professionally and enjoy what they do every day.

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