Case Studies

Security Analyst Investigates EMR Processing System and Develops Plan to Achieve HIPAA Compliance

Bridge Consultants Identify Data Threats and Bring Insurance Company into HIPAA Compliance

Bridge Helps Medical Equipment Manufacturer Remediate HIPAA Violations to Improve Data Security

Consultant Strengthens Security Environment for Financial Institution with Archer Implementation

Information Security Experts Develop Organizational Plan for HIPAA Standard Compliance

Infrastructure Engineer Manages Internal Systems and Platform to Ensure Optimal Operations

Junior Developer Allows Senior Developer to Focus on Complex Projects During Website Upgrade

Security Audit Identifies Weaknesses in Web-Based Interface and Develops Recommendations to Improve Encryption

Security Audit Project Identifies Vulnerabilities in Security Environment and Jumpstarts Safety Redesign

Security Consultant Improves Vulnerability Scanning Strategies to Enhance Client's Data Security

Technical Writers Develop New NIST Framework Procedures to Improve Security Environment


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