At Bridge, we pride ourselves on active, consistent communication and full disclosure.

  • We never submit IT professionals for an available position until we know they are interested in the opportunity and have approved our desire to move forward with them as Bridge candidates.
  • If we submit you for a position, we provide you with its full description, details about the company, and insight into the interviewing process.
  • We share all the reasons we believe that the position is a great fit for you, and we also address any aspects of the job that might make it less than ideal.
  • We will make every effort to keep you informed during each stage of the hiring process and to relay our client’s feedback to you at every turn.

Bridge maintains these best practices because we respect people’s time – your, our clients' and our team's time. 

You can count on Bridge to be a consistent communicator and to always look out for your best interest.

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