Understanding the Importance of Company Culture

This Post was written by Matt Tooker
Date posted: February 14, 2018

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company culture

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Here at Bridge Technical Talent we put just as much emphasis on our culture and employee wellness as we do our business strategies. More organizations are recognizing the benefits that a solid, clear culture brings and they are adjusting their practices to reflect this trend.

Why is it so important?
Everyone knows that a brand needs its own identity to stand out from the competition. As Alan Adler said, “Organizational culture is a civilization in the workplace.” It provides the boundaries and expectations of employees. Use your company culture to differentiate yourself from others.

Culture is established through the leadership of your organization. Encourage those in seniority positions to behave in a way that reflects the mission and core values. Find ways to put these into practice and before you know it everyone’s actions and behaviors will reflect the culture you’ve created. For example, we want our employees to be thought leaders, so we encourage our leadership to publish LinkedIn articles. Not only does this help position them as reliable sources in the IT community, it also sets the bar for other employees.

People will want to work when they have a purpose
Employees collaborate better because a shared belief in the mission and values promotes quality work toward a common goal. When a company’s culture is strong, they perform better. Why? Because employees, from management down, are more motivated to put their best efforts forward for that company. In fact, companies with happy employees outperform their competition by 20% and are 2.1% above industry benchmarks.

You’ll recruit and retain better talent as well. Feeling a sense of belonging at work stems from an environment that has great chemistry among the team members. In turn, this sense of belonging makes people want to stay where they are and deliver their best work.

Keep in mind, culture influences performance. It can be extremely difficult to change or modify, but the outcomes will be worth the challenge. At Bridge, our culture stems around our motto, “People are always your best investment” and we make sure our staff knows their value. We encourage them to challenge themselves professionally and give back to the community around them.   

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