The Most Interesting Twitter Accounts to Follow: Mobile App Developers

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Date posted: October 24, 2016

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Are you interested in creating your own mobile app? Twitter is a great place to find a variety of tips and tricks to create mobile apps and, best of all, it’s super easy to get lost in your search! To help you get started, we have the Best Mobile App Developers to Follow on Twitter to ensure you are on the right path to creating the perfect mobile app:

  1. Snowmicro: Not only does Snowmicro help with developing an app, but they give you great tech advice. From how to get awareness from your customers, to promoting your blog to be top notch, to hiring developers, it doesn’t get much easier than following this account! 

  2. Blue Whale Apps: Located in the nation’s capital, Blue Whale Apps develops mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. This cross-platform approach provides a snapshot of the top news from Apple, Google, and Microsoft as well as diverse content for your feed. If you’re itching to stay current in the mobile development world, give them a follow! 

  3. Rebeloper: Rebeloper shows which tools they use to be as successful in the startup world. They give inspirational tips that are simple but supportive, and they even tweet quizzes for you to take and find out which type of developer you are! If you’re looking into honing your mobile developing skills, this can be beneficial to get to know how you work.
  4. Aaron Wardle: Aaron is the director of Swipe and Tap, a mobile app development company. He specializes in both iOS and Android app development and consistently tweets questions about certain products to his followers, conferences he’s attended, and occasionally posts open positions with his company. If you’re looking for someone who engages directly with his audience, try following Aaron! 

  5. Taqtile: Taqtile is unlike the Twitter accounts above. This account actually gives tips on what not to do in a mobile app. Many people only focus on what will make an app great, but realizing what can really hinder an app can ensure you don’t make the same mistakes. What could be better than learning the ‘what not’s’ before developing your own app? On top of this, the account is full of information explaining why certain apps are doing so well and their latest movements. 

  6. AT&T Dev Program: With over 15,000 followers, AT&T Dev Program has so much to offer. There are personal interviews, advice, and tips uploaded multiple times a day to give mobile app developers as much information as they need. There are tons of different types of mobile apps featured on this account making it unique to each and every person. 

  7. Smaato Inc.:  Smaato Inc. is another great account for mobile app developers! They tweet app store optimization, user retention in your mobile app, and they even link to meetups with other developers to help get you network and learn from your peers. 

  8. Swift Developer Blog: Sergey Kargopolov runs the blog, Swift Developer Blog, which is dedicated to various iOS development topics and he shares video tutorials to over 5,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. Follow him on Twitter for his newest blog posts and tips on iOS mobile development.  

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