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Bridge Brief: The Latest Tech News

This Post was written by Bridge Technical Talent
Date posted: May 1, 2018

tech news

Here at Bridge we like staying up-to-date on the latest tech news. Seriously, it seems that every day there’s another article about a startup or device looking to change our lives. So, from full-body VR suits to smartwatches that project data, here are some of our favorite articles from the past few weeks.

Walmart filed a number of patents seeking to change the way we shop. One of which introduces a “smart” shopping cart that can communicate with your mobile device. Another involves the use of drones to assist customers shopping in-store. Still others suggest the use of sensors to assist with inventory. Could this shift toward smart technology be their way of competing with Amazon?

In this new age of environmentally-friendly vehicles, it’s no surprise that car brands are finding ways to produce more of them. For example, Ford and Indian automaker Mahindra Group have joined forces to develop a new electric vehicle. As a matter of fact, this alliance helps both companies; Ford gets a helping hand with penetrating China’s market and Mahindra stretches its wings into the electric vehicle space.

The craze over smartwatches is calming, but one company wants to re-excite the masses. At the Mobile World Congress 2018, Haier unveiled its Asu Smartwatch. The standout feature? A tiny projector on its side which displays onto your skin. It can show a number you’re typing, how many steps you’ve taken, the time, and even a stopwatch. However, the biggest criticism questions its practicality. What are your thoughts?

SanDisk’s newest microSD card boasts speeds 50% faster than previous ones. In fact, the 400GB microSD card reaches read speeds up to 160MB/s and write speeds up to 90MB/s. Thanks to Mashable, here’s an idea of just how much this tiny card can store:


  • 400,000 e-books (at an average size of 1MB per e-book)
  • 200,000 photos (12-megapixel iPhone 7 photos at an average size of 2MB)
  • 100,000 iTunes songs (at an average size of 4MB for an average 4-minute tune)
  • 88 Full HD movies from iTunes (at an average of 4.5GB per movie)
  • 16 Blu-Rays (at an average size of 25GB)

One company is taking virtual reality gaming to the next level. The Teslasuit aims to add a sense of touch to gaming. How? The suit uses an electro-tactile haptic feedback system to stimulate your nerves. Meaning, you’ll be able to sense in-game objects, such as walls, and feel the weight of items. Even more impressive, the Teslasuit is helping treat patients with long-term disabilities. Turns out, there’s more to virtual reality than just gaming.

Feeling fancy? Takieso Graft Design, a design studio in New York City, brings finesse to your desk with this wool mousepad. Better yet, the sleek leather at the top doubles as a wireless charger for your smartphone. It plugs directly into a laptop or desktop computer, and if you’re on the move, simply roll it up and you’re ready to go.

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Two Technology Trends that Will Change How You Live Your Life

This Post was written by Ryan Graham
Date posted: July 10, 2017

Technology has been improving drastically for a while now. It seems like there is always something new on the horizon that draws buzz and attention in this emerging tech world. Even if you are in a leadership position or have an entrepreneurial mindset, think about how you can leverage these technologies to improve your business or personal life.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality
We have seen the advancement of both AR and VR, especially over the past few years. Augmented reality is a computer generated image appearing in the user’s vision of the real world. For example, augmented reality made a colossal step when Pokémon Go released in the AppStore and Google Play Store, generating over 100 million downloads. The market has been preparing and developing for these applications, once they start taking off, be ready for an AR and VR version of pretty much anything you can think of.

Samsung has introduced their Samsung Gear VR, which supports over 700 different applications. Computer-generated, three dimensional images that interact within a real or physical way of using special equipment is virtual reality. Samsung’s gadget allows you to completely change how you view and interact with the world.

Embed from Getty Images

Internet of Things
IoT revolves around the communication of machine-to-machine. It’s built on cloud computing networks and networks of data gathering sensors. Everyone says the overall goal of IoT is to make everything in our lives “smart”. Cloud-based applications are the biggest part of this movement. These applications transmit and transfer the data coming from the sensors, where the cloud enables the apps to work for you anywhere.

As of right now, this includes applications such as Google Home and IFTTT. This application is one of a kind. IFTTT allows you to synchronize two applications. It triggers one of the applications to take action when something occurs within the other. For example, when you pass a certain geographical location near your house, IFTTT will send a signal from your mapping device on your phone to your automated garage door application and open your garage. This is just one example of how you can utilize cloud-based applications to make your life easier.

If you’re not an early adopter or even part of the early majority, it’s ok. These technology trends are in the latter stages of growth and getting cheaper and more sophisticated. Once these go completely mainstream, it will not only change how you consume entertainment, it will also change how you live your everyday life.

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This post originally appeared on LinkedIn

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The Most Interesting Twitter Accounts to Follow: Tech News

This Post was written by Bridge Technical Talent
Date posted: May 20, 2016


This blog is part of Bridge’s new The Most Interesting Twitter Accounts Series

Twitter is a great resource for networking, promoting yourself/your skillsets, and keeping up with the latest news in the industry. We wanted to take the time to recognize some of The Most Interesting Tech News Twitter accounts that you should consider following if you’re looking to create a more interesting Twitter feed.

  1. PC World: PC World consistently shares articles ranging from game reviews to gadget reviews, to the latest innovations in artificial intelligence and robotics. There is a healthy balance of plain text articles, videos, humor, and slideshows.

  2. Tech Crunch: This tech news outlet is sure to catch your eye with at least one article. They cover social media updates, mobile devices, gadgets, and popular tech topics in general.

  3. BBC Technology: This is the official account for the BBC News Technology Team, a subaccount of the well-known UK news outlet, BBC News. They share the latest stories on cybersecurity, gaming, and big data.

  4. Wired: With the motto, “WIRED is where tomorrow is realized” how could you not be interested in at least perusing this account? They share breaking tech business news  stories, new medical innovations thanks to programming, and even sprinkle in some political news. If you want a diverse range of topics showing up in your feed, then Wired is definitely a source for you.

  5. Macworld: For the Mac lovers out there, this is the perfect resource for all things iPhone, iPad, and Apple. Read how-to tutorials, forums, reviews, and news about the latest apps.

  6. Engadget: As one of the leading tech news sites, Engadget’s website is filled with the latest articles that synthesize pop culture and the technology world.


  7. Arstechnica: If you’re interested in biology, politics, automobiles, science, IT, and design, well, Arstechnica has it all. It’s easy to spend time scrolling through their feed thanks to the pop of orange color and great images to accompany their tweets.

  8. New York Times Technology: If you find yourself reading the tech section of The New York Times, then check out its offshoot Twitter account, NYT Technology, dedicated only to tech headlines.

  9. Science American: Scientific American has been sharing the latest science and technology news since 1845. Their articles always have a scientific foundation on environmental, education, business and medical topics.

  10. CNET News: Last, but certainly not least, CNET News is the perfect source for all things software downloads, deals on tech gadgets, reviews, and tutorials.

    Do you have a favorite tech news account you follow? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter and stay tuned for more posts in this series!

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The Low Down on Tech Salaries: New Data from Dice

This Post was written by Bridge Technical Talent
Date posted: February 8, 2016


A recent study has revealed some positive numbers for technology professionals! Bonuses, contract rates, and salaries in 2015 all increased from the previous year. The study, conducted by Dice, lists the tech salaries by job title, state, industry, skillsets, and experience.

Professionals with big data and cloud expertise landed the highest pay. The survey pointed out that businesses are looking to strengthen their tech infrastructures, so the most sought-after candidates are the ones with cloud experience. You may want to consider learning, or continuing to learn, HANA, OpenStack, CloudStack, and Puppet.

Top paid skills

The most popular tech skills were enterprise applications, programming, databases, and  operating systems. The top paying industries were bank/financial insurance, aerospace and defense, and entertainment media.

Industries that saw the highest percent increase in year to year salaries were entertainment media, construction/home building, and consumer products.

Projection 2016_large

What this means for employers

An interesting finding showed that IT professionals stay more engaged when they have flexible work hours and receive challenging assignments. Following through on providing the ability to telecommute and providing interesting work is going to be the key to retaining your best employees.


Knowing salary data may pose some additional challenges for employers if they are looking to hire the best of the best. IT professionals with a specialized skillset and more experience can demand higher salaries which means companies will have to start reevaluating budgets.

It’s not just about the money

Overall, data like this further supports how the technology industry is thriving and the IT career path will continue to lead to a stable, secure future. Feeling satisfied with your salary is one of the biggest hurdles that most people face, determining whether or not you are satisfied in your job which affects other aspects of your personal life. The technology industry is a secure and showing consistent growth.

What are your reactions to the data? Share with us!


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