Staying Current in Your Career: Top Tech Podcasts to Follow

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Date posted: May 4, 2017

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No matter what field you’re in, it’s important to stay on top of current events and trends in the industry, and one great way to do so is to listen to podcasts. We’ve put together a list of popular IT and tech podcasts for you to explore. Whether you want to play one during your morning commute or relax after work, get ready to pop in those headphones and listen:

  1. Rocket: Every week Christina Warren, Brianna Wu and Simone de Rochefort have accelerated geek conversation. Tech, comics, movies, games and books, no galaxy is off limits!
  2. Back to Work: Back to Work is an award winning talk show with Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin discussing productivity, communication, work, barriers, constraints, tools, and more.
  3. Partially Derivative: Partially Derivative is a podcast about data science in the world around us. Episodes are a mix of explorations into the techniques used in data science and discussions with the field’s leading experts. The podcast is a personal project hosted by Jonathon, Vidya, and Chris — three experts in data science.
  4. Talking Machines: Talking Machines is entering its third season and going through some changes. Our founding host Ryan is moving on and in his place Neil Lawrence of Amazon is taking over as co host. We say thank you and goodbye to Ryan with an interview about his work. 
  5. Accidental Tech Podcast: A tech podcast we accidentally created while trying to do a car show. Featuring Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa.
  6. Inside Intercom: Conversations with practitioners from the worlds of product management, design, startups and marketing.
  7. Re/code Decode: One of tech’s most prominent journalists, Kara Swisher is known for her insightful reporting and straight-shooting style. Listen in as she hosts hard-hitting interviews about the week in tech with influential business leaders and outspoken personalities from media, politics and more.
  8. Story in a Bottle: One of the best things about the world of technology is that you can end up in it having come from any direction. The most successful founders, venture capitalists, designers, etc. have fascinating stories behind their success, and every week Charming Robot’s Dan Maccarone sits down over our guest’s favorite cocktail, wine or beer to hear where they came from and what they’ve learned along the way.
  9. This Week in Startups: The most interesting, outrageous & illuminating stories from the world of entrepreneurship.
  10. SaaStr: SaaStr began in 2012 as a simple attempt via a WordPress blog, together with a few answers on Quora, to help share back Jason M. Lemkin’s learnings of going from $0 to $100m ARR with the next generation of great SaaS and B2B entrepreneurs.  It has since gone on to become the largest community of SaaS founders and entrepreneurs, with over 3M views per month and 30 million+ views on Quora, and events hosted throughout the year.  Our venture fund also invests in 4-5 promising SaaS start-ups per year, generally at the “late seed” stage.  More on that here.
  11. Foundation: Foundation is a monthly video series interviewing influential founders in the tech community.
  12. Product Hunt Radio: Product Hunt Radio is a podcast for those that love to geek out about products. Each week, makers, investors, and others in the startup community join us to chat about products and share their story.
  13. Note to Self: Join host Manoush Zomorodi for your weekly reminder to question everything. Is your phone watching you? Can wexting make you smarter? Are your kids real? These and other essential quandaries for anyone trying to preserve their humanity in the digital age.
  14. Analog(ue): So many podcasts are about our digital devices. Analog(ue) is a show about how these devices make us feel and how they change our lives for the better, but also for the worse.
  15. Clockwise: Clockwise is a rapid-fire discussion of current technology issues hosted by Jason Snell and Dan Moren and featuring two special guests each week. Four people, four topics–and because we’re always watching the clock, no episode is longer than 30 minutes.
  16. A16z: Andreessen Horowitz backs bold entrepreneurs who move fast, think big, and are committed to building the next major franchises in technology. Founded by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, the firm provides entrepreneurs with access to expertise and insights in innovation, executive and technical talent, market intelligence, policy and regulatory affairs, business development, and marketing and brand-building.
  17. This Week in Tech (TWiT): Your first podcast of the week is the last word in tech. Join the top tech pundits in a roundtable discussion of the latest trends in high tech. Records live every Sunday at 6:00pm Eastern / 3:00pm Pacific / 22:00 UTC.
  18. What I Know Best: WIKB is a series of conversations with experts across the tech industry, based on their personal experience working in some of the most compelling and successful companies of the past decade.
  19. The Startup Chat: Unfiltered insights and actionable advice straight from the trenches of startup and business life.
  20. Codebreaker: On Codebreaker we decipher our complicated feelings about technology by asking straightforward questions with a sense of humor, a sense of awe — and sometimes a sense of dread. In our second season we’ve got one question in mind: Can it save us? Codebreaker isn’t just the name of our podcast, it’s also a way to listen. Each episode contains a code to help you immediately unlock the next installment and ultimately the entire season. Think you’ve cracked a code? Go to and enter it. If decoding isn’t your thing, that’s OK. We’ll put out episodes every Wednesday during the season.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned professional or a recent graduate, we all need to continue learning in order to grow professionally, and podcasts are one of the most efficient ways to learn while also having the ability to multitask. They last from only a few short minutes to an hour or more, which makes them easy to fit into your busy schedule.

What podcasts are you listening to? Tag them and tweet us! Looking for other ways to keep up with popular trends in tech? Check out our recommendations for the best tech news accounts to follow on Twitter.

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