Productivity in the New Year – Apps to Keep your Focus in 2014

This Post was written by Bridge Technical Talent
Date posted: January 16, 2014

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How do you plan to maintain productivity in the new year? No matter how many New Year resolutions you let slip, don’t let your focus and productivity be one of them. Our recommendation: make it easy. Use apps to stay as productive as possible, and to make 2014 a successful use of your time. Below, see some of our team’s favorites.

A classic that just keeps getting better, Evernote is your one-stop-shop when it comes to staying organized. Truly, this app has just about anything you could think of when it comes to productivity. There are to-do lists, voice notes, sharing capabilities, research functions…the possibilities are endless. Plus, you can synchronize the app across technologies. Take a note down on your phone and it will be there on your computer’s to-do list. Make sure you’re at your most productive all year with Evernote. The app is available on most smartphones and can be downloaded on both Mac and Windows systems.

Do you remember that great blog post you saw yesterday or did you already forget it? Forget no more when you use Pocket, an easy storage space that allows you to save content you want to view for a later time. Then, when you do have the time, everything you’ve been wanting to read or view will all be right there, easily accessible and neatly organized. The app can be used on both iPhone and Android.

Hotel Tonight
Sometimes, the last-minute business trip is unavoidable. Within twenty-four hours, you’ll be on a plane and need a place to stay. Enter Hotel Tonight. This app helps you find the great rates on last-minute hotel rooms. Plus, you can add search specifications to make sure the room is to your satisfaction. The app is available on both iPhone and Android so all smartphone users can benefit. It’s a great time and money-saver. Also, did we mention? The app is free!

A disorganized inbox often indicates a disorganized mind. Solve that issue with Mailbox, an e-mail organizer that helps you keep a tidy inbox. The interface allows you to quickly scroll through e-mails, marking those that are most pressing and moving all others. There are a variety of features, including the ability to “put off” messages until a later time, so you won’t have to deal with them until you’re ready to and when it’s most convenient. Download on your iPhone or iPad today!

What productivity apps are you using to keep 2014 year your most productive year at work yet? Share in the comments or tweet us your suggestions at @Bridge_Talent.

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