The Olympic Podium for Technology: New Technology at the Olympics

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Date posted: January 31, 2014

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New Technology at the Olympics: 2014 Socchi

The Olympic Games feature the world’s greatest athletes coming together to compete for the coveted gold, silver, and bronze medals. Skiers race down the hills while figure skaters perform incredible jumps. Hockey players collide while snowboarders flip. Hours of hard work pay off at the Games and three deserving athletes make it to the podium – it’s a wonderful sight, especially when Team USA takes the gold! While the Olympics may be all the way in Russia, we want to bring a little bit of the competition to you. Below, we present the podium for medal-worthy technology from/for the Games.

Gold – The Torch

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When it reaches its final destination at the Opening Ceremony on February 7th, the Sochi 2014 torches will have travelled over 40,300 miles. The relay started on October 7, 2013 and is set to become the longest Olympic torch relay ever. The fact that such a torch can endure harsh climates, including freezing snow and rain, is a testament to technological makeup. The torch is made mostly out of chrome and has been constructed to be as conducive to being held while running as possible. While there have been some mistakes and flame outages, the record distance is still an incredible feat and the technological advancements that create and sustain such a flame are gold-medal-worthy in our book.

Silver – The Equipment

Image courtesy of NPR.

Usually the athletes get all the praise and after having spent countless hours preparing for the Olympics, they certainly deserve it. However, we think the equipment that helps them be as fast and strong as they are deserves a mention as well. Take speed skating for example. The skaters’ powerful legs help propel them forward at high speeds, but the nifty suit they wear could give them that extra millisecond needed for the win. This year, Team USA will be donning what has been labeled the Mach 39 suit, an extremely aerodynamic uniform constructed from a particular fabric that will lessen any air drag. The suit has been under wraps for years and will make its debut in a matter of weeks in Sochi. It is an incredible advancement in suit design, with regard to both technology and looks, and will hopefully provide the necessary advantage for Team USA this month on the ice.

Bronze – The Apps

Image courtesy of iTunes Store and Sochi 2014 Guide App.

With so many diehard Olympic fans around the world, it’s hard not to recognize the people who help bring the news of the games directly to our phones. There’s the official Team USA Road to Sochi app that includes all the most up-to-date news/information about the one and only Team USA. The all-encompassing Sochi 2014 Guide (pictured above) will tell you what events are happening when and ensure you won’t miss your favorite events. The Olympic Athletes’ Hub app is a great app for those interested in following the individual social media profiles for all the Team USA athletes. Finally, to help you cheer on your favorite competitors, the Cowbell 2014 app is exactly what it sounds like – a cowbell sound-producing app that makes you feel like you’re in the stadium rooting for the athletes.


What are your favorite tech-related aspects of the Olympics? Share with us in the comments below. For a more detailed look at the history of technology at the Winter Games, give this article a read. This month, look forward to a variety of Olympic-related posts here on the Bridge Blog. Go Team USA!

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