How to Motivate Your Team as the Project Manager

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Date posted: June 12, 2015

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Sometimes it can be difficult to push yourself to be more motivated.  However, as a project manager and leader of the team, you also have to be able to motivate others. Naturally, you can’t control your team members’ ambition, but what you can control is the way you conduct your projects to generate more enthusiasm. Check out our top ten ways to increase motivation as a project manager:

  1. Set realistic goals. This is a common and obvious tip, but a great one. Beginning a project can be exciting and it’s hard not to get carried away. If a detailed agenda is not set from the start, team members could be doing extra, unnecessary work leading to derailment of the project’s timeline.
  2. Be direct. After you have set realistic goals for the project, make sure expectations about the workload and due dates are clear and everyone is in agreement.
  3. Conduct weekly or monthly review sessions. If your team members know that every Friday they will all be sitting down together to discuss progress, they will be more apt to follow deadlines and stay motivated to do their part. Make sure to ask for feedback – good or bad. Doing so ensures that your team knows you view them as equals when you listen to and consider their opinions.
  4. Praise small victories. If you are working on a long term project, break it up by praising the small victories – go out for lunch, dinner, coffee, or drinks at the end of the day.
  5. Walk the walk. Let your team members know you are contributing just as much as they are even if your work isn’t as visible. It’s important they know you aren’t simply managing.
  6. Supply feedback from the start. Don’t implement review sessions halfway through the project. Instead, prepare feedback from day one to avoid giving it after something goes wrong. This way, your team won’t be discouraged after negative feedback because they knew from day one they would be receiving feedback throughout the entire project no matter what.
  7. Provide incentives. While this isn’t always possible, increasing incentives such as compensation rarely fails to inspire more motivational drives.
  8. Highlight the benefits of the work. Outlining the benefits of a project generates deeper appreciation and commitment to the work. Also, when members understand the intentions behind the project, they connect to it more easily.
  9. Find ways to foster strong relationships among all members. Having a team that can function well outside of the office is irreplaceable. When they care for each other on a level deeper than being co-workers they will be willing to put more effort into their roles.
  10. Give them each a chance to shine. You know that your success also depends on the success of your team. Figure out a way to allow each member the opportunity to be in the spotlight.  Knowing they have this chance will motivate them to put forth their best work.

Did we miss something? Share your strategies on how you keep your team motivated. Apply today if you are ready to put these tips into practice.


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