Going Mobile? Great! But Don’t Let Your Data Get Away! (Mobile Cyber Security Tips)

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Date posted: July 27, 2011

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Mobile device security has been named a pressing issue as far back as November 2010, and, not surprisingly, mobile cyber security threats picked up even more speed in 2011.

The risks posed to users are heightened when the same device is employed in both the business and personal realms.  Secure your data by following these tips that BRIDGE has gathered to help keep you safe on your mobile device.

Mobile Device Safety Tips

1.  Set a passcode, and make sure it is well-crafted.

  • Recent research into the iPhone has found that “10 codes represent 15% of all passcodes in use,” so try to be a bit more creative with your own passcodes!  1234 is the most common passcode, and most of the top passcodes follow typical four-digit formulas (i.e. four identical digits, a line of digits up or down the keypad, repetitive patterns).  A hacker could try 10 different passcodes on your iPhone and, with a 15% success rate, unlock about 1 in 7 iPhones, with even more potential if the intruder knows basic information about the user.

2.  Set a maximum number of passcode attempts allowed.

3.  Password-protect or encrypt documents stored on your device.

4.  Don’t install untrustworthy third-party apps.  Always check the Web for reports about security issues associated with any product you plan to install.

5.  Disable Bluetooth when not in use.  Unless you’re actively using a Bluetooth accessory, increase the security of your device by disabling the connection and closing the door on data spies.

The use of mobile devices has become so ubiquitous that we take for granted the security of the information we store in and transmit through them.  Re-sensitize yourself to the security risks that come with using this technology.  By following the simple steps above, you’ll stay a few steps ahead of the hackers!

Do you have tips on mobile device security?  Leave your comments below!

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