Why Learn to Code?

This Post was written by Bridge Technical Talent
Date posted: August 8, 2014

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It often seems like everyone is jumping on the coding bandwagon. No matter what your background is – IT, marketing, advertising, operations – learning to code can give you a valuable and in-demand skill set that employers are looking for when making hiring decisions.  Whether your desired or current career is in the tech industry or not, learning the basics of coding could be very beneficial in giving you a leg up on your competition. Still not convinced? Here are some pros to learning to code:

  • Coding looks great on a resume. Knowing some programming is still relatively unique, especially for older jobseekers. Coding can also stand out if you’re working in an industry or company that is looking to become more technologically advanced.

  • You can communicate effectively. Even if you won’t be doing much coding on your own, being aware of the basics and learning the language can be enormously helpful. When working with the IT department or discussing ideas with programmers, having basic knowledge will give you an edge.

  • Ideas can become reality. Coming to your boss with innovative ideas is always great, but being able to follow through is even better. In our technology-driven world, building apps, websites and programs are not uncommon. If you know how to code, you can show people something tangible.

  • You’ll challenge yourself. Coding is similar to solving puzzles and is great brain exercise. You might find that site building is something you enjoy, and could even become a hobby.

  • You can move forward with technology. We all know that technology changes quickly, meaning it’s easy to fall behind. Learning to code can give you an interest in other types of technology and keep you ahead. If you keep building your skills, you’ll always be an asset and never a liability.

Think you might be interested in learning to code? Keep an eye out for more Bridge blog posts about coding and mobile development this month and where you can find some free classes.

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