How to Improve Your Leadership Skills

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Date posted: July 23, 2014

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Previously, we’ve discussed leadership and mentoring, and we told you about the top 10 qualities of a leader. Having those qualities, though, doesn’t mean much without honing your skills. Knowing how to improve your leadership skills is important for moving ahead and progressing as a leader.

  • Take initiative. Offer to lead projects or work in groups. Taking on small, everyday leadership positions will help you practice for larger responsibilities. Focus on a different skill each time you lead, like organization, positivity, ability to delegate, etc.

  • Practice listening. There are endless opportunities to practice hearing what others have to say in everyday situations. Work on your eye contact, ability to retain information, and your ability to read body language. Try it at home, too.

  • Motivate others. Being a leader is less about having authority and more about having influence. Start influencing those around you by offering a hand, building their confidence and helping them to learn their own strengths. Others will start to look to you as a leader, and in leadership positions, you’ll know how to effectively motivate your team.

  • Try public speaking. Giving presentations is a great way to force yourself into a leadership role. Speaking to an audience will strengthen your charisma as well as your confidence in front of others. Take every opportunity you can get, and you’ll be comfortable in no time.

  • Become a leader outside of work. Try various “extracurricular” activities to supplement the leadership practice you get on the job. Volunteer for community service, help coach a little league team, run for local office – get into any leadership position that you can. This way, you can hone all of your skills rather than just one at a time.

Developing leadership skills takes practice. Check out some of our other posts and learn how to lead and engage others.

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