Employee Appreciation – Tips for Maintaining a Happy Workforce

This Post was written by Bridge Technical Talent
Date posted: March 1, 2013

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Maintaining a happy workforce that is connected is no longer just about raises and big bonuses; in fact, there are much simpler, less expensive ways to keep your employees happy and foster a team environment. Here are some tips that will ensure employee satisfaction:

1.      Provide opportunities for growth.  Employees are unlikely to be satisfied with a job that offers no room for growth and advancement, resulting in high employee turnover and mediocre performance levels from the employees that do stay.

2.      Offer a quality orientation program.  Companies benefit from supporting their employees’ professional well-being.  Helping new hires adjust to their new workplace and positioning them for success from the start will empower them to achieve their fullest potential later on.

3.      Give small bonuses.  60% of workers recently surveyed said that they would be happy with an end-of-the-year bonus of just $25!  Respondents reported that receiving a bonus, even one under $100, tells them that they are valued, increasing their loyalty to the organization and making them want to work harder.

4.      Support employee autonomy.  “People are more likely to be happy at work if motivation comes from within,” asserts Maynard Brusman, a psychologist and executive coach at San Francisco-based Working Resources, who conducted the research. “They will perform better, engage more, and be more committed if what they do comes from the core of who they are.”  Find ways to encourage a self-starter approach in your team members.  Praise employees for their discoveries and good ideas, and allow their work to take a direction or approach stemming from these contributions.

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