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Taking the Hunger Out of Summer with the Rhode Island Community Food Bank

This Post was written by Scott Deutsch
Date posted: July 25, 2018

Summer in Rhode Island is a time of fun in the sun, beach trips and food insecurity. In Rhode Island, over 57 thousand people face food insecurity every year. One-third of those individuals are under the age of 18. This stressor is especially prevalent when the school year ends, and thousands of children who usually rely on free or reduced-price school meals return home to find their family battling food insecurity. Many community members are unaware that food insecurity in Rhode Island spikes during the summer because of the abrupt loss of school meals. Additionally, with the holiday season of giving months away, the need for donating is often out of sight. Consequently, food donations plummet during the summer. This challenges the Rhode Island Community Food Bank to gather more nutritious nonperishable donations to fuel families. Continue reading

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Summer Tech Conferences to Attend

This Post was written by Bridge Technical Talent
Date posted: June 13, 2018

Ahh, the sweet smell of summer is in the air. As the weather feels warmer and the days get longer, we’re ready to sit back and relax. But wait, not so fast. While the summer months are indeed ideal for catching up on some R&R, don’t forget to keep your skills sharp. Attending spring and summer tech conferences is a great way to break up the monotony of the office and stay current on industry trends.

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Here’s what tech conferences we’re looking out for in the coming months:



When: May 28-31

Where: Berlin, Germany

Follow: @devops_con

Agile processes, microservices, continuous delivery, container and cloud technologies are essential to the current high performance IT transformation. The DevOps Conference offers you a glimpse at popular topics such as innovative infrastructure and modern lean business culture through hands-on workshops, sessions and keynotes. Join us as we enable shorter delivery cycles, faster changes of functionality and a higher software quality.


Apple WWDC

When: June 4-8

Where: San Jose, CA

Follow: #WWDC18

When technology connects with creativity, incredible ideas come to life. This summer, we invite thousands of talented minds from around the world to join us and turn their ideas into reality.


When: Training June 11-12; Tutorials + Conference June 12-14

Where: San Jose, CA

Follow: @FluentConf #FluentConf

The O’Reilly Fluent Conference was first launched in 2012 as a new event for developers working with JavaScript, HTML5, and other web technologies. Since its initial launch, Fluent has expanded to include all areas of the web, from frontend technologies/frameworks and backend systems to web design, web performance, security, and more.


When: June 11-12

Where: San Francisco, CA

Follow: @DockerCon #DockerCon

DockerCon passes include access to 3 Keynotes, over 120 Sessions, Ecosystem Expo Hall, After Party, Breakfast and Lunch meals, all interactive attendee experiences including Hands-on Labs and Hallway Track.

QCon New York

When: Conference June 27-29; Workshops June 25-26

Where: New York

Follow: @qconnewyork #QConNYC

QCon New York is a conference for senior software engineers and architects on the patterns, practices, and use cases leveraged by the world’s most innovative software shops.  


OSCON (Open Source Convention)

When: July 18-19

Where: Portland, OR

Follow: @oscon #OSCON

At OSCON, you’ll find everything open source: languages, communities, best practices, products and services. Rather than focus on a single language or aspect, such as cloud computing, OSCON allows you to learn about and practice the entire range of open source technologies.



When: August 27-30

Where: Denver, CO

Follow: @Bizzabo ‏#gophercon

GopherCon, by Gopher Academy, debuted in 2014 and was an instant success! It drew a sellout crowd of 700 attendees and has more than doubled in size since then. With exceptional pre-conference workshops taught by a few of the smartest people we know, some of the very best programming driven by our conference attendees’ feedback, and hours and hours of networking, we can’t think of a single reason to miss celebrating GopherCon’s five-year anniversary with us! So don’t wait until the last minute to buy your tickets; we’d hate for you to be sad.

Open Source Summit

When: August 29-31

Where: Vancouver, Canada

Follow: @linuxfoundation  #ossummit

Open Source Summit North America is the leading conference for developers, architects and other technologists – as well as open source community and industry leaders – to collaborate, share information, learn about the the latest technologies and gain a competitive advantage by using innovative open solutions. Over 2,000 will gather for OSSNA in 2018.


Microsoft Ignite
When: September 24-28

Where: Orlando, FL

Follow: @MS_Ignite #MSIgnite

Get the latest insights and skills from technology leaders and practitioners shaping the future of cloud, data, business intelligence, teamwork and productivity. Immerse yourself with the latest tools, tech, and experiences that matter, and hear the latest updates and ideas directly from the experts. You’ll leave more equipped than ever to make an impact.

Strange Loop

When: September 26-28

Where: St. Louis, MO

Follow: @strangeloop_stl #strangeloop

Strange Loop is a multi-disciplinary conference that brings together the developers and thinkers building tomorrow’s technology in fields such as emerging languages, alternative databases, concurrency, distributed systems, security, and the web.


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When to Hire a Consultant

This Post was written by Christopher Hughes
Date posted: May 7, 2018


Businesses bring on consultants for a variety of reasons. Whether they’re looking to save time or they need a third party’s opinion, consultants offer a range of services. But, how do you know when to hire them? If any of the below paragraphs resonate with you, it may be time to add a consultant to your team.

  • You’re doing something new and need expertise
    • A new software, technical experts, no one in-house and you’re missing the core tech
  • Need more capacity
    • Understand how/when it will be done, but you just need extra help
    • Keep reputation for being fast and on-schedule, making deadlines

What’s ahead overwhelms you
Is your project running smoothly, but you know your team could still use an extra set of hands? Is the project about to require more manpower than what you have available? That’s where consultants come in. Remember, consultants, are highly skilled, temporary employees who are there to focus on your business’ request. You won’t have to call upon any of your permanent employees. They can concentrate on their work and stay productive while the consultant focuses on the task at hand.  

You need an outsider’s perspective
It’s not uncommon for businesses to bring on consultants simply because they need an unbiased opinion. Whether you need a solution to the problem you’re trying to solve or you need some innovative ideas to revamp your project, adding an outsider’s perspective can make a world of difference.

You’re ready to hear the truth about your business/project
Consultants have to be honest with you about the business strategy you’re working on or the direction of the project, and you have to be ready to listen. Occasionally, people in leadership positions become defensive when a consultant delivers his/her opinions. Remember, you hired a third party to objectively review the situation and offer their expertise. Now it’s time to hand them the reins and learn about what needs to be done.

To reach Chris Hughes email or call 401-203-7867.
Reach out to us if you’ve decided it’s time to hire a consultant! Don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for job postings and industry insights.


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10 Ways to Go Green in the Workplace

This Post was written by Joe Devine
Date posted: April 16, 2018

go green in the workplace


Today, sustainability is more of a necessity than a choice. Many people are adopting new habits in their homes and personal lives, but it shouldn’t stop there. Workplaces can also make a difference. Even the smallest changes create a healthier, greener, more productive work environment. Whether you’re an employee or the boss, start promoting green practices in the office. I’ve put together 10 ways to go green in the workplace:

Start by using less paper. Make an effort to use electronic sheets whenever possible. Allow laptops in meetings, or use a projector for important documents instead of printing out copies for everyone. You can even invest in a fax modem so you can send and receive paperless documents. Try using Google Docs or Dropbox to start sharing files throughout the office.

Update your printing habits. When you absolutely must print, do so in draft mode since it uses far less ink. Also, set your default to print double-sided. Buy recycled paper and only print what you know you’ll need. Accidentally misprint? Use this as something to take notes with, or shred it for use as packaging material instead of packaging peanuts.

Change your commute. If it’s a possibility for you to walk or bike to work, do it! It’s an easy way to add more exercise to your day and avoid the frustrations of rush hour traffic. If you have to drive, consider setting up a carpooling schedule with your coworkers. Research public transportation near you, or think about investing in a hybrid. Even better, work from home if your office allows it. One day a week can greatly cut down gast waste.

Turn off your computer. Some people don’t completely shut down their PCs when they leave work for the day, and this is a huge waste of energy. When you know you’ll be away for a little bit, switch it to sleep or hibernation mode. If possible, replace your PC with a laptop since they use 80% less energy and are much easier to transport. When it’s time to get rid of your computer, recycle it! Look for a local e-waste drive or find an organization that properly disposes of electronic waste.

Take advantage of natural light. During a bright sunny day, don’t waste electricity on the lights. Turn them off and just enjoy the natural light. If it’s too dark to do this, invest in LED or fluorescent bulbs. Many offices have motion sensor lights that only turn on when someone walks in the room; when there hasn’t been any activity, the sensors turn the lights off. If you don’t have these, post reminders near light switches so people turn off the lights when they leave.  

Decorate with plants. Greenery around the office makes the space look more inviting, plus it offsets CO2 and VOC emissions. Pro tip: save used coffee grounds and use these to feed the plants.

Use reusable water bottles and containers. Instead of packing your lunch in a paper/plastic bag or aluminum foil, package it in tupperware. Don’t waste money on buying water in plastic bottles – get a reusable bottle! Bring a coffee mug from home into your office so you can cut back on using paper cups.

Dress in layers in cold weather and use fans during warm weather. Ceiling and desk fans are a great way to cut down the use of air conditioning. In colder months, dress in layers so you can avoid turning up the heat.

Place recycling bins around the office. Provide ways for people to properly dispose of paper, cans, and glass. Placing these around the workspace will make recycling as easy as throwing something away.

You can even go green with your wardrobe. Avoid buying clothes that need dry cleaning. If they do, look for shops that have green methods. Buy used clothes, and look for items made of organic fibers like cotton, silk, hemp, or wool. You can even find clothing made of recycled materials.

There are lots of ways to go green in your workplace, you just have to put in a little bit of effort. Your clients will love hearing about your green practices, and you’ll find that people work better. In fact, a study from Harvard found that when offices adopt more sustainable practices, employees get a 26% boost in cognition and 30% fewer sickness related absences. As the study states, “The increased productivity of an employee is 150 times greater than the resulting energy costs.”

Enter into spring with the goal of creating an environmentally friendly workplace. Make it a team effort by encouraging your coworkers to take part. If you’re local, help us work to go green with our e-waste drive!

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