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Date posted: March 7, 2014

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business travel tips

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Many people avoid traveling as much as possible because in recent years, it has become so complicated. But some of us can’t avoid it because traveling is necessary for our jobs. Whether traveling domestically or overseas, it’s always important to have a business travel checklist, but what should be on it? We’ve put together some business travel tips to get you started.

On the Web

Tripit is widely known as one of the best and most reliable itinerary planners for the modern traveler. By creating an account, the program does the rest by automatically creating your itinerary when you book your flights and hotels. Tripit stores and remembers all of the information about your trip, including details about flights, train rides and hotel check-ins, and you can access the information both on their web site and on your smartphone.

At $199 per year, provides unique services to its members. The program requires an application and is surprisingly prestigious, but travelers who are accepted receiver 40% off publicly available hotel prices, map-based city guides, and carefully curated nightlife, restaurant and shopping suggestions.

Global affairs and lifestyle magazine Monocle has a useful website that provides a quick guide to both business and travel destinations. For each city listed, the site provides a list of essential facts to be aware of as well as recommendations for every category – tourism, restaurants, fitness, etc.

In Your Suitcase

Don’t check your bags! This way, you can avoid all of the trouble that comes with waiting for a suitcase to come through or losing all of your luggage. Pack lightly so that you can keep everything in the overhead compartment in a small rolling suitcase.

Simplify your wardrobe when traveling. Take versatile colors like black, grey and brown that you can mix and match with just a few colorful pieces of clothing. Make use of hotel laundry services, too, especially on longer trips.

Especially if traveling internationally, make sure to bring an extra copy of everything – driver’s license, birth certificate, passport – in case you lose something. Keep these scans on a computer, a thumb drive, or both!

On the Trip

Everyone knows how important it is to stay organized while traveling, but it can be difficult with all of the cords and tech accessories that every carries. However, there’s a solution! The latest trends are Grid-It! organizers, made by Cocoon Innovations. They come in all shapes and sizes, including perfect dimensions for iPads and Macbooks.

Throughout the week, save work to do for the plane. Make sure that everything you’ll need can be accessed offline. If you have a premium Spotify membership, you can create an offline playlist to listen to on the plane to block out other travelers. Bring a hard copy of something – an article or presentation – to read during takeoffs and landings.

This, of course, is just a small business travel checklist. What does your list look like? Do you have any business travel tips or advice? Tweet us and let us know!

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