BRIDGE Brief: July Tech News

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Date posted: August 2, 2012

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Looking back at the toasty month of July, there was no shortage of HOT tech stories. Below are articles that the Bridge team thinks are worth highlighting. We’ll be posting Bridge Briefs at the end of each month going forward, so if the tech world is spinning too fast for you, read what you missed here later!

Know Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer in 11 facts
Who’s running the tech world? If you ask newly named CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer, she’ll probably say, girls!

Marissa Mayer, VP, Product Management, Google and MG Siegler, General Partner, CrunchFund  @ LeWeb 11 Les Docks-7467

Microsoft and NBC Complete Web Divorce

Long live the famous MSNBC. Two giants in the tech/media world sign the divorce papers.


LinkedIn finally shakes the ugly off its homepage, here’s the redesign

The professional social network gets a newer, sleeker, more professional look. LinkedIn finally remodels.

Yahoo’s password hack shows that it failed security 101
It’s the hack heard round the world. What happened Yahoo?

Dia 122: Desbloqueado

Apple’s September iPhone

The Apple iPhone 5 “will be the biggest product launch in consumer electronics history,” said analysts from Wells Fargo.

Which Olympic Event is Winning on Social Media?

The social world came alive this past month with buzz on the Olympics.

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