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The 2014 Top 10 Technology Gifts for the Holidays

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Date posted: December 8, 2014

2014 holiday gift guide

Still need to find a gift for the techie in your life?  Our team at Bridge put together our top recommendations for technology products to gift this holiday season.

A) Apple iPad Air 2 (9.7-inch, 16GB, Wi-Fi version, $499)
It is perfect for a tablet newbie to get on the fast track of tablet computing. It combines maximum power with an A8X chip in its most minimalistic form yet.

B) Logitech Case+ ($200 for all parts – parts sold separately)
The Logitech Case+ is composed of five different pieces that fit together to make your iPhone5 or 5S more powerful than ever. It comes with five parts: Case+ case, +tilt, +wallet, +energy, and +drive.

C) iPhone 6 ($649+)
The iPhone 6 lives up to its hype with a larger screen, curved-edge design and built in iPay. It’s the perfect gift for all Apple fans.

D) Jaybird’s Reign Fitness ($200)
It’s perfect for fitness junkies or anyone who is trying to stick to their New Year’s resolution of living an active and healthy lifestyle. It measures activity, movement, calories burned, and sleep quality.

E) Parrot Zik 2.0 ($399)
These are the most-advanced Bluetooth headphones you could buy. They offer features for noise cancellation, audio quality and gesture controls to pump up the music without having to use your phone.

F) Airtame ($89)
Airtame allows you to wirelessly mirror your computer screen to another display when plugged in over WiFi.

G) Cobra Electronics JumPack ($129.95)
This external battery will exceed you expectations with enough power to charge your phone and jump-start your car. It also features a USB output and built-in flashlight, perfect for all conditions.

H) ClearView Clio Speakers ($350)
Put a modern twist on your speakers with the Clio speakers – labeled as the first “invisible speaker.” With a clearly visible base, the label refers to the transparent glass which produces the sound.

I) MakerBot Replicator Mini ($1,375)
Unleash your creativity with this educational, entertaining and useful 3D printer. It can produce objects with the resolution as small as 100 microns and will let you know when you run out of plastic.

J) Nokia Lumia 1520 ($585)
If you’re a camera buff (or buying for one) this is the perfect phone. With a 20-megapixel shooter powered by Nokia’s best imaging software, this phone is sure to capture the best shots.

Have any suggestions? Please Tweet us your ideas!


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Local IT Program: New England Institute of Technology

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Date posted: September 13, 2012

Looking to continue your education within the field of Information Technology?

Look no further than the local IT program at New England Institute of Technology’s new Master’s Program in Information Technology (MS IT), debuting this Fall Quarter, 2012, with classes starting on October 9.

This degree is designed for IT professionals who want to advance their technical knowledge in the field and to enhance this knowledge with an education and experience that will prepare them for management roles in the IT industry.  The program emphasizes the relevance of continuous learning for personal and professional growth through the combination of advanced technical courses and an integrated management core.  Through the program, students will gain a unique understanding of the relationship between IT and business by learning to utilize technology to improve business processes.

In today’s competitive work environment, holding a Master’s degree is often the extra accomplishment that highlights one candidate over another.  As an IT staffing firm, we know that our recruiters and prospective employers are impressed when a candidate has graduated from an MS IT program.  The achievement demonstrates leadership, drive and career dedication while at the same time denoting an advanced IT skill set.  The MS IT at New England Tech will provide you with an advantage over other candidates with whom you’ll have to compete in order to attain your ideal position.

With the MS IT program at the New England Institute of Technology, students will look forward to employment opportunities and career tracts such as Project Manager, Network Manager, Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Business Analyst or Systems Integrator.  For more information, visit the New England Tech website or contact the Admissions Department at (401) 739-5000.


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There’s an App for That: Recycling

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Date posted: September 10, 2012

Going green has gone mobile! In this most recent post of our “There’s an App for That” series, we single out five recycling apps you should download if protecting the environment is as dear to your heart as it is to ours.

1. My Recycle List (iPhone & Android)
Collecting items for recycling is only half the battle. Actually bringing and donating your recyclables can be tricky and requires more effort. This app lists nearby locations that recycle and what items each location accepts. With this app, you’ll be recycling in no time.

2. RecylePix (iPhone and Android)
Get rewarded for recycling! Take pictures of yourself and your friends recycling and upload them to social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Doing so earns you Greenopolis (the app’s sponsor) reward points. Earned points can be exchanged for rebates and discounts at major dining, retail, and travel outlets nationwide, such as Domino’s Pizza or Marriott Hotels. With this app, you’ll be recycling all the time!

3. Bin It! 2.0 (iPhone)
Move aside, Angry Birds! In this game, users attempt to throw various recyclables into bins while avoiding crazy obstacles. Getting the items into the bins earns the user points, and these points can eventually be redeemed for rewards at various retail outlets spanning all categories, like beauty, health and dining. Play along, learn about recycling, and earn rewards – what could be better than Bin It?

4. iRecycle (iPhone)
Similar to the app My Recycle List, this app helps you navigate the local recycling scene and find locations to donate your items, but it also does much more than that. With this app, you can stay up-to-date on recycling news straight from, search for local green events or upload your own! Do you recycle? You will with iRecycle!

5. Trash Chaos (iPhone)
It’s never too early to get kids thinking about recycling. In this game app, there is an evil queen whose sole mission is to pollute and ruin the planet. The user plays the role of the hero and works hard to recycle all of the queen’s “trash.” The message? Be a hero, save the planet, recycle!

If you are reading this post, then chances are you own a smart phone, laptop,  a tablet. As an IT staffing firm, we can’t get enough “tech” in our lives, but we know that at a certain point it’s time to move on and part ways with that old iPod or outdated flip phone. We want to make sure that, with all our technical progress, we don’t damage our environment. As you enjoy the capabilities of your newest device, don’t throw away your broken or unwanted electronics! On October 18, Bridge is hosting our biannual e-Waste Drive. We invite our community and friends to come out and support our initiative to properly recycle the gadgets you can’t or don’t use any longer. Hope to see you there!

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Going Green at the Office

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Date posted: September 7, 2012

We recently had good news on the climate front – according to The Washington Post, CO2 emissions in the US dropped to a 20-year low.  This shift is largely due to vehicles now using natural gas, and it’s a great step in the right direction for a cleaner climate.  Did you know that commercial and industrial buildings account for half our nation’s energy use?  If more people take the initiative to green their workspaces, we can get these emissions down even more (plus your boss will love you, as most of the easy-to-take actions suggested below save money on energy costs as well!). So why aren’t you going green at the office?

  • Start small – change incandescent light bulbs in desk lamps to CFLs.  Extra points – choose ENERGY STAR-qualified CFLs, as these use 75% less energy than other light bulbs.
  • Use the power management settings on your computer or laptop so that they go into power save mode when not in use.  Don’t use screen savers – most end up using even more energy!
  • Plug all of your electronics into a power strip.  At the end of the day, power down completely with the turn off switch.
  • Unplug your cell phone charger when you’re done charging.  Even when you’re phone’s not attached, it still uses energy.
  • Keep air vents clear of paper, files, and office supplies – if they are blocked, they use more energy to pump fresh air into your office.
  • Recycle (more than just paper).  See a list of recyclable items your office should be collecting.
  • Walk or bike to the office, and if that’s not an option try carpooling with a coworker or taking public transportation. This will reduce your carbon footprint.

Start with these easy-to-implement tips, and try to get your coworkers on board.  Host a brown bag on greening your office to get others interested.  Try launching your green program with a visit to the BRIDGE e-waste drive on Saturday, April 26.  From 9am-12 noon, we’ll be collecting old electronics and shredding sensitive documents.  If you need more time to get your recycling programs going, no problem – we’ll be holding another drive in the spring!

Be Green!

-The BRIDGE Team

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