Acing the IT Job Interview

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Date posted: May 27, 2014

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Interviews for a job in technology are not so different from your typical job interview. Whether you’re the employer, or the employee, general best practices still hold true. However, there are some important tidbits of advice that apply specifically to an IT job interview. Below, we offer some strategies to best prepare for your upcoming interview.

Research. Research. Research.

You need to be knowledgeable about both the company and the specific job for which you’re interviewing. If this is your first job in the IT job interview, you’ll most likely be up for an Entry Level or Help Desk job while more advanced candidates could be looking at opportunities like Network Administrators or Systems Administrators, etc. Be sure you know how the position for which you’re applying fits into the general framework of the company. Know what you’ll be responsible for before you even step into the  interview, and if you do have questions about the job or company, be sure to ask.

Dressing the Part

This piece of advice applies to all interviews, but it bears repeating as summer arrives. Warmer weather may tempt you to dress down, but when it comes to the interview, appropriate dress is mandatory. Read up on dressing for interviews during hotter months here.

Anticipate the Questions

You can’t know every question that will be asked at your next IT job interview, but there are some general trends that most interviewers in the IT sector follow. These questions have to do with technical jargon and typical IT-knowledge you should be aware of. Before going in, make sure you’re familiar with the types of tools and programs that the job may require. Anticipating these technical questions may be what separates you from the other candidates.

Share Your Qualifications

The interview is not a time to be modest. At your interview, be sure to discuss past projects such as coding experience, systems you’ve managed, software you’re familiar with, project successes etc. Demonstrate to the interviewer your familiarity with technology and the IT sector in general, s well as other related skills outside the industry – communication skills, project management, etc.

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