5 Simple Communication Tips to Make Yourself More Attractive to Recruiters

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Date posted: May 15, 2012

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There have been many articles written on interviewing such as interview do’s and don’ts, how to dress for an interview, etc. The 5 simple communication tips below are far more fundamental, and will go a long way to opening the line of communication between you and  recruiters who are looking for candidates to fill their open positions.

  1. Check your phone on a regular basis to make sure your voice mailbox is not full and is able receive incoming voice mails. Several times over the last few months, I have called candidates and have received an automated voice message stating “the mailbox is full, and cannot accept messages.”  If you are looking for a new opportunity, it is critical for recruiters/HR to be able to reach you so they can start a conversation about your resume and the opportunity at hand.
  2. Make sure the email address listed on your resume is correct and that you check it on a regular basis. I recently came across a resume with an email address of “personsname@yaho.com” instead of “yahoo.com.”  I realized there was an “o” missing and changed the email address accordingly. Automatically generated emails would not have caught this error, and a bounce back would result. Also, if the email you have listed is not one that is checked often, you could very easily miss a great opportunity. There are a lot of people out of work, so it is crucial to respond in a timely manner so you do not miss out due to lack of communication.
  3. It is important to have an updated resume available. When recruiters see your resume, (and before we speak with you) all we have to go by are the jobs/skill sets that are listed on your resume. If your resume has not been updated in a year or more, we will call you based on the last skill set you have on your resume, with no way of knowing that you may have a new or completely different skill set than the ones listed previously. For instance, if I see a resume with many years of  C++ experience, and I call you for a C++ job, I would not know that you have switched to .Net, Java, etc., because C++ is the last skill set shown.
  4. In this economy, some people have had to relocate for jobs. Please ensure that your correct address is shown on your resume. I noticed several resumes lately that show a local address and cell phone number, only to call the candidate and find out they now live in California and is only looking for work there.
  5. If you have found employment and are no longer looking for any new opportunities, please remember to remove your resume from the job boards. This saves recruiters time when searching for candidates in a time-sensitive situation. If you want to start a relationship with a recruiter for future career opportunities, we recommend you add your resume and contact info. to our database, which is an easy way to start a conversation.

As a recruiter, I am always looking for candidates and if you follow the above guidelines, you will go a long way towards opening the lines of communication and landing your dream job!

-Kristi Brewster, Senior Recruiter at BRIDGE

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