2013 Project Management Trends to Watch

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Date posted: December 27, 2012

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This is a Guest Post by Alan Dyer, PMP.

In these uncertain economic times, Project Managers, in 2013, will play an even more important role in determining the project portfolios of organizations as well as ensuring project success.  The key trends I see are:

  1. Determining the ROI / Cost Benefit Analysis on proposed projects.   I believe PMs will play an even more critical role in developing the business case and ROI analysis of individual projects prior to project initiation.  As a PM you may need to re-educate yourself on the process for developing the business case as well as employing the appropriate ROI / Cost Benefit Analysis techniques necessary for the organization to make the appropriate project decisions.
  2. Quicker Time to Market. With the uncertainty of the economic environment organizations are looking for ways to get their products to market sooner.  Therefore, development  techniques such as Agile are being used more regularly.  That being said, PMs need to better understand those methods and be able to readily apply a project management methodology that provides the appropriate documentation and control of the project without undermining or slowing time to market.
  3. The continued “projectization” of organizations. While IT departments have typically been the driver of using project based methodologies to deliver feature and functionality, Business departments are beginning to realize the that there viability will only come from project based methodologies.  More and more organizations are realizing that projects are a vehicle of change and project can be used to easily link both the Business and IT departments in using one unifying methodology that delivers success across the organization.
  4. The growth of Project Management Offices. Organization can no longer tolerate nor afford troubled or failed projects.  That being said, companies are turning to PMOs to help them develop the techniques, tools, documentation, and standard methodologies, and Project Management Standards to ensure each project has the necessary tools, process, and oversight / rigor needed to help them be successful.

Alan Dyer is the Owner / CEO of The Project Delivery Group, which provides, Project Management, Business, and Technical Consulting Services.  Alan primarily focuses on failed or troubled project recovery.  He has been very successful in turning around several failed projects for State and Local Governments as well as fortune 500 and 100 companies.  The Project Delivery Group delivers success “one project at a time.”

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