Bridge e-Waste Drives

Bridge has organized and sponsored ten e-Waste Drives; collecting over 29 tons of electronic waste since 2009. 

Through our most recent e-Waste Drive  in February, Bridge collected and properly recycled almost two tons of e-waste!

Most electronic products used in our workplaces and homes contain hazardous
substances, such as lead and mercury.  When these products reach the end of
their useful lives or become obsolete, some are considered hazardous waste.
 Hazardous waste cannot be discarded in the regular trash!

However, current figures compiled by the U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency indicate that over 2 million tons of electronic waste wind up in landfills each year!

A great option for properly disposing of this waste is to bring these items to our e-waste collection days.

Click here for a list of items that Bridge will accept. 

 Bridge's next e-Waste Drive will be held in April.   

We hope you can participate!


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